Попугай Алекс

Попугай Алекс

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Фрагмент из книги Alex & Me: How a Scientist and a Parrot Uncovered a Hidden World of Animal Intelligence--and Formed a Deep Bond in the Process (2008, amazon)
Ее написала Irene M. Pepperberg, по итогам многолетней работы с попугаем Алексом. Это был проект изучения когнитивных возможностей животного, не являющегося приматом, путем коммуникации с ним на естественном английском языке. Она приводит ряд любопытных эпизодов, где Алекс проявлял себя неожиданным образом. Такие случаи не могут фигурировать в научной публикации. Тем не менее, они свидетельствуют об интеллекте животного ничуть не меньше, чем тесты, которые он проходил. Вот шутливый пример.

I continued doing number work with Alex, including a study on recognizing and understanding Arabic numerals. That was a long, challenging project that was to come to spectacular fruition years later. I was working on a simpler number concept one day in the fall of 1992 while Linda Schinke-Llano was visiting from Illinois. I was showing Alex a tray of objects of different materials and different colors. "How many green wool?" I asked Alex. We had been doing this task for a short while, and Alex up to that point had been performing as he would for a TV crew, that is, spot on.
Alex eyed the tray and looked at me in a way he sometimes did, which I can describe only as wryly.
"One," he piped. The answer was "two."
"No, Alex. How many green wool?"
That look again. "Four," he said in his charming sing song, double-syllable way: "Foo-wah." Linda was watching, and I wanted her to see how well Alex was doing since his illness and rehab. "C'mon, Alex. How many green wool?"
It was no use. He kept alternating: "One . . . four… one . . . four."
By now I had realized he was just messing with my head. I knew that he knew the correct answer. "OK, Alex," I said sternly. "You are just going to have to take a time-out." I took him to his room and closed the door.
"Two . . . two . . . two . . . I'm sorry . . . come here!" Linda and I immediately heard coming from behind Alex's closed door. "Two . . . come here . . . two."
Linda and I were laughing to the point of tears. "I guess Alex is fully himself again," I finally was able to say to Linda. "The little rascal!"

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чота звучит как пародия или типа того на 'Marlee and me'
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